An Essential Breakdown Of Essential Elements In Acupuncture And Rheumatoid Arthritis Bristol


(Find one at the American Massage Therapy Association .) Tai chi. The Chinese exercise , with its slow, rhythmic movements, was found in a 2015 review of 54 studies to cut arthritis pain slightly. But it was less effective than aerobic and strength exercises. (Get more info at the American Tai Chi and Qigong Association .) Yoga. A review of 17 studies published in the journal Musculoskeletal Care found that yoga reduced OA pain. But our experts recommend avoiding Bikram (hot yoga) if you have joint problems. The heat may make you feel as if you can stretch more than you should, which can further damage joints. chinese alternative medicineAcupuncture. Research suggests that this traditional Chinese therapy, which involves inserting thin needles into the body at particular spots, reduces OA discomfort for some people.

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acupuncture and rheumatoid arthritis